CSD Engineering is the technical drafting unit of CSD Group Australia Pty Ltd (CSD Group). CSD Engineering evaluates the processes in construction projects and offers solutions that will ensure that targets are met within a dramatically reduced schedule and budget.

Established in 2013, CSD Group has worked on projects in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. It offers a suite of services for construction projects, from pre-construction design works to on-site solutions. 

CSD Group has four units: CSD BIM, CSD Drafting, CSD Engineering and CSD Site.

engineering drafting csd

Gateway Bridge Toll Gantry

Early Works

Engineering Drafting


Utilising our Tekla Structures software, we can 3D model, connect and create final engineering drawings for sign off from one of our partner engineers or your own in-house engineers.


Benefits of this service include: 

  • Reduce engineering costs by creating a 3D model for engineer review with minimal input from the engineer

  • Correct any issues and increase project efficiency during the 3D review stages

  • Create the engineer drawings from the 3D model ready for sign off

  • Reduce shop detailing costs as the engineers' model is ready to produce shop fabrication drawings at sign off stage

engineering drafting csd
engineering drafting csd

Full Engineering

Office Integration


Take further advantage of our services by using our off-site solutions to integrate our Engineer drafting team directly into your office to work seamlessly with your lead engineers.


This will help:

  • Reduce RFIs to zero

  • Solve connections and clashes in real time

  • Reduce costs of producing in-house engineers' drawings

  • Prevent process duplications

  • Reduce schedule time

  • Increase your in-house capacity

engineering drafting csd

George Fisher Zinc mine